Konrad Limbeck was born 1974 in Trostberg, a small town in Bavaria.

His interest in painting began at age of 13 when he held his first art exhibition. Two years later, Limbeck transformed his grandmother’s basement into an atelier, which he used both for painting and for a new passion, black and white photography. From the onset, Limbeck’s interest tended toward the unusual, the mystical and the surreal.

At 17, Limbeck began a three-year internship at a photographer’s studio in Upper Bavaria. As a creative outlet during this period of formal training, Limbeck photographed lipsticks on crude animal skulls using a soft filter, mummified cats with brilliantly colored collars, and friends clad in Egyptian costumes lounging in snowy landscapes.

In 1998, Konrad Limbeck moved to Vienna where he was employed as a professional photographer, thereby financing his freelance photography. In spite of the growing popularity of digital photography, he remained faithful to SW film and held photo and art exhibitions, often in artsy venues such as the Old Town Hall („Mensch& Speise“)and the unrenovated Jewish Theater („Zwischenmenschen“).

Following the 2009 exhibition „Eklektik“, Limbeck turned his focus to digital photography, and now works as a freelance photographer, specializing in digital and color photography.

Historical periods, painting, film and composition all play an important role in Limbeck’s work. Most of the settings are made by himself. His passion for playing with light and creating unique backdrops are some of Limbeck’s most poignant trademarks and can be found throughout his work.